December 31st, 2009

autumn cottage by nomnomicons

We Were Dreamers Not So Long Ago (Jon/Ryan)

Recipient: jain
Author: lyo
Title: We Were Dreamers Not So Long Ago
Rating: NC-17
Band: Panic/TYV
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Warning: Future-fic, snowed-in
Summary: Set about ten years in the future in a cabin in the woods, Jon and Ryan go to unwind before they start up again. Ryan's less than pleased, but that changes quickly.
Author's Note: Thanks to C. for the beta, and L., R., and AJ for the encouragement.

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blue by flambeau

Indistinguishable from Magic (Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Tom/Jon)

Recipient: fanplankton
Author: allegedlykyle
Title: indistinguishable from magic
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, Tom/Jon (pre-Gerard/Frank)
Rating: R
Word Count: ~26k
Warnings/Disclaimer: Um. Clichés abound? This is a fairytale!AU, after all. Not real. Also unbetaed; apologies for any mistakes!
Summary: I’m pretty sure all of you know what Aladdin is about. A prince(ss) who’s being married off to an evil court advisor meets and falls in love with a street rat – well, that’s the premise, anyway. Features Spencer as the prince, Brendon as the boy he meets, Ryan as the mouthy magic carpet, Pete as the not-quite-evil antagonist, Patrick as the long-sufferingly court advisor, Tom as Spencer’s manservant and Jon as a robot. No, seriously, a robot. Also features bonus!Gerard as the genie.

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C Clarke

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[Part Two]
side street by turloughishere

Soft Rime on a Cold Day (Bob/Gerard)

Title: Soft Rime on a Cold Day
Recipient: emcay
Author: delphinapterus
Rating: PG
Band: My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Bob/Gerard
Words: 3,958
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and does not necessarily reflect on the true sexual orientation of the individuals featured. No harmful intent or defamation of character intended. No profit made in the creation of this.
Notes: Thanks to Mei for the speedy beta. The meteor shower is the Southern Taurids.
Summary: Mikey’s brother needs a vacation. Bob can’t say no.

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summer ferris wheel

No Thunderstorms in Los Angeles (Brendon/Spencer)

Recipient: miznarrator
Author: fueledbysquee
Title: No Thunderstorms in Los Angeles
Band: Panic! at the Disco
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Summary: the one where Ryan thinks Brendon and Spencer are doing everything wrong, and Brendon thinks Spencer's doing Ryan. (real life AU.)
Author's note: Ryan's not bad, he's just drawn that way. I promise.
Warnings: none.

Word Count: 2870

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autumn leaf by bonjour_labelle

Because They're Brown Eyes and You Never Know (Brendon/Spencer)

Title: Because They're Brown Eyes and You Never Know
Recipient: pr_scatterbrain
Author: natacup82
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,500~
Summary: Vague real world AU where Spencer lives with Zac Efron and hooks up with Brendon. Featuring appearances by Kevin Jonas and Ashley Tisdale for no reason I can explain.
Notes: Thanks to jukeboxromeo for the quick beta. This is version five of a story for my recipient, each had a different pairing and plot, but this is the only one that seemed like it was going to be finished somewhere near on time. I hope you like it.

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bibliotek by turloughishere

Just A Pirouette (Pete/Patrick)

Recipient: dexwebster
Author: inlovewithnight
Title: Just A Pirouette
Band: Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~14,000
Summary: The first time around was all chance and accident. Magic. How the fuck is he supposed to make lightning strike on purpose? (A "Normal Again" AU.  Also just AU, in that it starts off in a FOB hiatus that's slightly different from canon.)

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[Part Two]
blue by flambeau

Four Ways Bob's New Job Is Different From His Last One (Frank/Bob)

Title: Four Ways Bob's New Job Is Different From His Last One
Recipient: clumsygyrl
Author: dexwebster
Summary: AU. Bob was a cop. Bob is still a cop, just a different kind.
Pairing: Frank/Bob
Author's Notes: A powrie is another name for a Redcap, a variety of Fae in British folklore that kills people and paints their hats red with the blood of their victims.

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scarlet blooms by dropsofsunshine

That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand (Brendon/Ryan)

Title: That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand
Recipient: marksykins
Author: lyo and stephanometra
Band: Panic at the Disco/The Young Veins
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan (Jon/Ryan, Z/Ryan, Z/Tennessee)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Disgraced sidhe heir Ryan must escape an awful appointment from his queen, and Spencer has a plan to do it.
Warnings: Faerie!AU, marriage of convenience
Notes: Thanks to M. for the beta. Title from Spencer's Faerie Queene.

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[Part Two]
one shoe off by cravat

Pacing the Pews (Gabe Saporta/Leighton Meester)

Title: Pacing the Pews (standalone)
Recipient: fiddleyoumust
Author: ivesia19
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gabe Saporta/Leighton Meester (Pete/Ashlee, past Pete/Mikey)
POV: 3rd person limited
Summary: Wedding Crashers AU but not really, Or the one where Gabe tries to sleep his problems away but can’t escape his past.
Disclaimer: Not true, sorry.
Author Notes: Written for fiddleyoumust who wanted something with werewolves, angst, longing, ridiculous obstacles to over come and happy endings! I did what I could – hope you like it :D

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autumn leaf by bonjour_labelle

Lately It Occurs to Me (Ryan/Spencer)

Recipient: allegedlykyle
Author: marksykins
Title: Lately It Occurs to Me
Band: Panic at the Disco
Pairing: Ryan/Spencer
Rating: NC-17
Summary: You're sick of hangin' around and you'd like to travel; get tired of travelin' and you want to settle down. Ryan and Spencer keep accidentally falling into bed together, farther and farther from home.
A/N: As requested, this has UST and fail and misunderstandings! I hope you like your gift. :D 3600 words, post-breakup canon, title and half of the summary thanks to the Grateful Dead.

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new years by allbottledup

As in Olden Days (Ryan/Spencer)

Title: As in Olden Days
Recipient: stealstheashes
Author: fiddleyoumust
Pairing: Ryan/Spencer
Summary: Future fic: Spencer decides to go home for Christmas. After inviting Ryan to join him out of nostalgia, old feelings resurface and the two of them find themselves exploring a whole new side of their relationship.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Notes: Thanks to M and E S for betaing this for me.

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golden lane by dropsof sunshine

This Year's Apologies (Pete/Patrick)

Title: This Year's Apologies
Recipient: fueledbysquee
Author: fanplankton
Band: Fall Out Boy
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Word Count: 11k
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which sometimes love is not enough, sometimes it is, sometimes Patrick Stump is an idiot, and John Cusack always gets the girl.
Notes: Writing this fic helped me get through my least favorite time of year, and became something that I couldn't love more. It strayed from the original prompt a bit, and by a bit, I mean a lot. I still hope you like it, fueledbysquee, because I absolutely adore it and could not have had a better time doing this. Thanks so much for the support, patience, amazing beta-ing, and super immense (uncharacteristic) helpfulness from the ryan ross of fruit punch, nexttwentylove.

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teabag by foxglove_icons

by the rivers dark (Joe/Patrick)

title: by the rivers dark
recipient: heyginger
author: clumsygyrl
pairing: joe trohman/patrick stump
rating: r [adult situations and language]
summary: patrick had been gone for over a year.
warnings: it's kind of creepy. /o\
author's notes: thanks to my betas (k, l, and m). thank you to jae_w for organizing the challenge again. to my recipient, this came out a lot more somber and is kind of a departure from what i have written lately. i hope you like it. lyrics and title are from leonard cohen's "by the rivers dark".
word count: ~5800

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golden lane by dropsof sunshine

Screw Angels, This Bell's Ringing in Wings for Me (Mikey/Pete, Gerard/Frank, Patrick/Rihanna)

Recipient: onneonlights
Author: dancinbutterfly
Title: Screw Angels, This Bell's Ringing in Wings for Me
Band: Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Mikey/Pete, Gerard/Frank, Patrick/Rihanna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A higher power thinks Pete Wentz needs to learn a few lessons and trades Pete's celebrity existence for the domestic life he passed by.The Family Man AU
Warnings: Collapse )
Notes: Collapse )

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[Part Two]
winter street by turloughishere

Stories Posted!

The 2009 popoffacork stories are now live -- 40 stories! Authors will be revealed on January 7th.

[To be free from barren geometry] for gemmi999

[Oxford Comma] for bayleaf

[We Were Dreamers Not So Long Ago] for jain

[Taken My Place] for dancinbutterfly

[Breathe your life, hold the line, there's more than monsters on the outside] for cool_rain_kiss

[Indistinguishable from Magic] for fanplankton

[this year's love] for almostblue

[Ice, Ice, Baby] for maryangel200

[Can't Afford the Right to Move On] for different_shade

[War] for ditchwitchbitch

[Crazy But It's True] for earlofcardigans

[One More Night in Hollywood] for 1842

[Walking By His Wild Lone] for emcay

[Soft Rime on a Cold Day] for emcay

[No Thunderstorms in Los Angeles] for miznarrator

[So This is the New Year] for ivesia19

[Because They're Brown Eyes and You Never Know] for pr_scatterbrain

[always kinda sorta] for lovelypoet

[Just a Pirouette] for dexwebster

[Four Ways Bob's New Job Is Different From His Last One] for clumsygyrl

[Maybe again] for frausorge

[When Robot Armageddon comes, will you be by my side?] for mazily

[That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand] for marksykins

[Pacing the Pews] for fiddleyoumust

[The Man on My Right] for inlovewithnight

[Better Ideas] for inlovewithnight

[Scrap] for harborshore

[Lately It Occurs to Me] for allegedlykyle

[As in Olden Days] for stealstheashes

[Far From Last] for natacup82

[Shakes All Over Like a Jellyfish] for trixiesfic

[Make the Call] for pearl_o

[Shift] for rawiyaparand

[This Year's Apologies] for fueledbysquee

[by the rivers dark] for heyginger

[The Places You Will Be From] for joyfulseeker

[Something New] for lyo

[thieves like us] for just_katarin

[Time] for templemarker

[Screw Angels, This Bell's Ringing in Wings for Me] for onneonlights

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a very special thanks to the pinch-hitting heroes!