January 7th, 2010

winter street by turloughishere

Authors Revealed!

Authors revealed!

[To be free from barren geometry] for gemmi999 by pr_scatterbrain

[Oxford Comma] for bayleaf by trixiesfic

[We Were Dreamers Not So Long Ago] for jain by lyo

[Taken My Place] for dancinbutterfly by harborshore

[Breathe your life, hold the line, there's more than monsters on the outside] for cool_rain_kiss by maryangel200

[Indistinguishable from Magic] for fanplankton by allegedlykyle

[this year's love] for almostblue by allegedlykyle

[Ice, Ice, Baby] for maryangel200 by cool_rain_kiss

[Can't Afford the Right to Move On] for different_shade by mazily

[War] for ditchwitchbitch by joyfulseeker

[Crazy But It's True] for earlofcardigans by pearl_o

[One More Night in Hollywood] for 1842 by miznarrator

[Walking By His Wild Lone] for emcay by turps33

[Soft Rime on a Cold Day] for emcay by delphinapterus

[No Thunderstorms in Los Angeles] for miznarrator by fueledbysquee

[So This is the New Year] for ivesia19 by almostblue

[Because They're Brown Eyes and You Never Know] for pr_scatterbrain by natacup82

[always kinda sorta] for lovelypoet by onneonlights

[Just a Pirouette] for dexwebster by inlovewithnight

[Four Ways Bob's New Job Is Different From His Last One] for clumsygyrl by dexwebster

[Maybe again] for frausorge by just_katarin

[When Robot Armageddon comes, will you be by my side?] for mazily by earlofcardigans

[That Promist Ayde the Tempest to Withstand] for marksykins by lyo and stephanometra

[Pacing the Pews] for fiddleyoumust by ivesia19

[The Man on My Right] for inlovewithnight by sinuous_curve

[Better Ideas] for inlovewithnight by lovelypoet

[Scrap] for harborshore by frausorge

[Lately It Occurs to Me] for allegedlykyle by marksykins

[As in Olden Days] for stealstheashes by fiddleyoumust

[Far From Last] for natacup82 by templemarker

[Shakes All Over Like a Jellyfish] for trixiesfic by fiddlemust

[Make the Call] for pearl_o by lovelypoet

[Shift] for rawiyaparand by gemmi999

[This Year's Apologies] for fueledbysquee by fanplankton

[by the rivers dark] for heyginger by clumsygyrl

[The Places You Will Be From] for joyfulseeker by emcay

[Something New] for lyo by stealstheashes

[thieves like us] for just_katarin by jae_w

[Time] for templemarker by jain

[Screw Angels, This Bell's Ringing in Wings for Me] for onneonlights by dancinbutterfly

Thank you so much to everyone who participated -- and special thanks to the pinch hitters: allegedlykyle, turps33, delphinapterus, lyo, stephanometra, sinuous_curve, lovelypoet, and fiddlemust!